The end of a marriage brings about permanent changes within a family, and also produces strong, long-lasting emotions. Isn’t that enough distress? The Calgary family law practice of Beryl McNeill helps couple’s divorce amicably and constructively, while preserving what’s important. Divorce may become inevitable in a family, but the destruction that often accompanies it need not be.

Calgary Divorce Lawyer Focusing on Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Calgary divorce lawyer, Beryl McNeill understands the often fearful, emotional early stages of divorce. Incorporating skills developed from her training as a life coach, Beryl helps divorcing and separating clients move beyond their stress response to more logical, creative thinking.

Once there, she works with clients to discover what’s truly important to them in attaining divorce. Beryl encourages clients to picture what a successful settlement would look like a year or more down the road as a means for focusing their goals. By educating and empowering clients, Beryl seeks to transform the way they resolve family disputes—in a more constructive, intelligent and amicable way than would be possible otherwise.