The end of a marriage brings about permanent changes within a family, and also produces strong, long-lasting emotions. Isn’t that enough distress? Calgary divorce lawyer Beryl McNeill's family law practice helps couple’s divorce amicably and constructively, while preserving what’s important. Divorce may become inevitable in a family, but the destruction that often accompanies it need not be.

Calgary Divorce Lawyer - Beryl McNeill

Collaborative Divorce & Mediation

We help couples navigate their separation in a way that is smart, efficient and focused on what they identify is most important to them. The result is a smart, cost effective separation that is tailored specifically for your situation. The McNeill Family Law firm is focused on tailoring our services to meet your needs for your separation and/or divorce.

Beryl McNeill has been a practicing lawyer for over 25 years. She is an experienced respected Calgary divorce lawyer, that has extensive experience in assisting clients navigate a wide range of matters relating to your divorce from the most simple separation agreement you may need for your bank; up to and including helping you address complicated property issues such as how you ensure your business is preserved and not destroyed during your separation.

Beryl is highly skilled at calming the flames of conflict and assisting clients reach a negotiated agreement without long drawn out court proceedings. Her training and experience with negotiating agreements and decreasing conflict sets her apart from many traditionally trained lawyers. Traditionally trained divorce lawyers are trained to focus on court proceedings and negotiations that are adversarial. These processes are often long and drawn out, often escalate conflict, and are costly, both financially and emotionally. Beryl’s training and experience help clients and couples reach legal separation agreements without going to court. Her philosophy is that court should be the last resort.

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Beryl McNeill was chosen as one of The 5 Best Family Lawyers in Calgary

What We Do?

We have extensive experience helping you resolve all family law matters including child custody and access, child support, spousal support, and property division. Beryl is very skilled at drafting separation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements and cohabitations agreements. She will ensure that your agreement is legally clear and enforceable.

Quality Legal Services

Over 90% of family law cases are negotiated and settled without going to trial. The question is how long and how much money you have spent before you have achieved a negotiated agreement. The McNeill Family Law Firm focuses on using efficient systems and will help you achieve a legal separation agreement in a timely, cost effective way, which is tailored to meet your objectives. If your objective is to achieve a separation and/or divorce that is smart, fair and efficient, you have come to the right place.

What Kind of Clients Do We Help?

Beryl works with clients from all walks of life. She has worked with every range of client conflict including amicable couples that want to divide their property and finances in a fair and sensible way; up to and including high conflict spouses that see the benefit of negotiating an agreement rather than engaging in the high cost of lengthy court proceedings.

Your Divorce, Your Finances and Your Business

Beryl assists clients with structuring a separation of property and finances, and address support issues in a way that meets the needs of the clients which is financially and legally sound and practical. Negotiating a separation when you are a business owner has unique legal issues and many clients fear that their separation or divorce will destroy their business. While it is true that some litigated divorces have had this result on businesses, it does not have to be this way. Beryl will guide you with the appropriate negotiation structure and professional referrals that will assist you with smart options that can optimally meet your and your spouse’s financial needs without destroying your business.

Your Divorce and Your Children

Beryl has a special interest and focus on providing couples with information and resources on how to insulate their children from any negative impact that a divorce can have on children. How you go about negotiating your divorce can have lifelong effects on your children. Beryl is a firm believer in providing her clients with information and resources that apply for their specific family. Every family is unique and every child is unique. There is no one size fits all piece of information that applies to every family going through a divorce. When you book a consultation with Beryl she will assess your case and provide you with specific recommendations on how you can navigate your divorce in a way that makes sense for you and your family. Yes ultimately you will need to fit your divorce into the legal terms of custody and access, but these are simply legal labels that do not touch the complicated issues that may arise when you are attempting to make a parenting plan that fits for your family

Booking a Consultation to Address Your Needs

Every separating couple and family is unique. Whether you are a couple that is able to negotiate your separation agreement around your kitchen table; or a couple that will likely need some assistance with your negotiation, It is important to get smart information as early on in your separation as possible. If you have any further questions, or if you would like to book an appointment with Beryl McNeill, please feel free to call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Separation and Divorce?

A Divorce does not deal with property. If you choose to apply for a Divorce, it is a separate and distinct step that is often taken after a separation agreement is executed. The only way for you and your spouse to have a binding agreement that deals with your property, is for you and your spouse to have independent legal advice that meets the requirements of the Family Property Act of Alberta. Your separation agreement usually addresses all matters you need to address which may include: child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal support and the division of your property. A Divorce only deals with child custody and parenting time, child support and spousal support. Please contact McNeill Family Law office to determine how best to proceed.

How much does a Divorce cost?

The courthouses in Alberta charge a fixed filing fee related to filing divorce documents. However, a lawyer’s time involved in assisting you with negotiating the terms of your divorce are unique to your case. Your Divorce Judgment should address: child custody and parenting time; child support; and/or spousal support.  You will have a better idea of what cost may be involved during your initial consultation with us. Please contact McNeill Family Law office to set up a consultation. 

Do I have to wait a year before I get a Divorce?

If you are filing for a Divorce Judgment only, most people use “one year separation” as their grounds for Divorce. However, you do not have to wait a year to enter into a legally binding separation agreement. A legal separation agreement may address all issues such as: child custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support and the separation of your property. 

Does a Separation Agreement in Alberta need to be filed with the Court?

No. A Separation Agreement will be enforceable and legally binding when it meets the legal requirements set in Alberta. Sections 37 and 38 of the Family Property Act of Alberta set out the formal requirements for agreement.

What documentation does a Separation Agreement or Divorce require?

The type of documentation you require will depend on your family’s situation. Are  there issues of child support, spousal support, and/or division of property? When you work with theMcNeill Family Law office, we provide you with a customized summary of the documentation required and will provide you with legal advice regarding the disclosure required for your situation.

McNeill Family Law
Calgary Divorce Lawyer
Call to book a consultation: 587-956-9300 
Registered Collaborative Law Practitioner 
Calgary: #200, 638 11 Ave S.W.


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